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Alan Turner..... nick named "big Al" at school by my mates who were all a foot taller than me! Yes, i DO HAVE TATTOOS !!... so many customers in the shop are amazed to see a tattoo artist with no tattoos! If you ask nicely i might show you!! I always enjoyed art and drawing at school, and after o levels, i decided to take 2d and 3d art plus ceramics to A level which i passed!! I then went to Hull and did a bachelor of arts degree. It was during my time at Hull that I was introduced to airbrushing. As well as using this medium for many of my coursework and exam submissions I decided to do some custom painting work as a hobby to help pay my way through college.

After many years of painting award winning bikes and scooters, i decided to have a change in direction and turned my hand to tattooing. Now I no longer paint bikes, I am putting all my efforts into tattooing. At the moment I am trying to put on tattoos of all styles, I don't have a particular favorite, but I really enjoy a nice black and greyshade piece, and japanese style colour tattoos.

 I tried a guest stint in a studio, and spent a day in another studio on an intensive training day and decided then that I would only be happy in my own place doing things on my terms! People say you are only as good as the last tattoo you did, and I think its important to do the best job you can on every tattoo... which is what I am doing to try and build a solid reputation. I opened my own studio in Dunscroft, near Doncaster, and although it's only been open since july 2009, the response has been tremendous, keeping me busy tattooing every day since opening, with many customers returning for more work and also recommending us to friends. Let's hope it stays that way and the studio will be a successful venture for me. Feel free to pop in, we make everyone welcome as all of our existing customers know.




Abbie Turner follows in her Dad's footsteps when it comes to art. She did well at school and then went on to college to do A levels which will be completed summer 2010. during her A levels she has been learning how to tattoo and has had many happy customers while she has been at the studio. She is now at doncaster college full time for the forseeable future, and will improve her artistic skills further still. Abbie has had a steady progression through all stages of learning to tattoo and has already done some cover up work on people who were too trusting and let untrained and even stoned people tattoo them!! Unlike some tattooists, she is sensible and honest enough to turn down work she thinks she is not yet capable of doing really well...a good quality learned from Big Al ( who still turns down an occasional job if he thinks he can't produce a good quality tattoo).
Abbie is still available part time for tattoos at discounted rates, but these are now very limited due to full time education. She is now doing a fine arts degree at doncaster.